A well organized workshop needs a wide range of tools, from the most common and everyday, to those who may need rare.

In this article we will refer to some small but very useful tools that many times will facilitate the visual in everyday life. In the next issue we will focus on the overall organization of a laboratory bench.

1. The exporter pressed nose piece. The export of pressed nose piece may prove a real nuisance, and even source damage without this little tool.

2. The hook for nylor. We prefer the sharp hook. This tool is designed for removing and installing the line in nylor and is highly effective in very tight and deep but nylor.Einai generally useful tool because it can work as an awl. This removed for example screws and turn not unscrewed from the frame.

3. Cutter straight (big-heavy) To cut the screws to skeletons griff good idea to use large and heavy cutter. So avoid vibrations that can cause cracks in the glass.

4. Curved forceps with groove The forceps is generally very useful to catch headless screws, biscuits and various small accessories. This has a notch on the edge of which holds the head of the screw enabling us to access points that do not reach our fingers. (Eg pastinous sunglasses with large frames & amp; thick arm)

5. Oblique, small cutter With this tool cut Syriza plastic plugs in griff type silhouette, without doing damage to the lens. (Scratches)

6. Awl A humble, inexpensive but versatile little tool that should not be missing.

7. Paximadologos-cutter screw. A simple, inexpensive but very useful tool that helps us to cut the screw SYRIZA griff type skeletons but also in cases not our cutter reaches the point you want. Besides, it works as paximadologos.

8. Gripper plug removal. Very useful tool in case we want to unmount a lens frame silhouette type or remove an old cap of a lens.

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